Convi Store
In May 2021 was reached out to through instagram by a woman who runs a vintage clothing wholesaler in London. They are a start up business who needed a rebrand and a solid identity to help establish themselves in the market. They needed a freelance designer to initially help with the logo, but with the opportunity for a long term partnership whereby I would be helping them with social media marketing, website design and even clothing design as a possibility in the future.

Convi Store is an abbreviation of Convenience Store. Which is a theme I kept in mind when brainstorming the designs. My typical process when working with a new client is to listen to understand the brand and the target audience first of all and also to take on board any design requirements they have. This brief was very open to interpretation, they had approached me as they liked the style of my work so were happy for me to run with my own creative ideas mostly. The only criteria given was that they wanted to have a smiley face with £ signs for eyes.

These designs were still in the early stages, the first of 3 revisions. However unfortuntely due to a funding we had to stop the work. However, me and client have discussed working together in future on a totally different project.
Typographic publication
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