Online Dating Typographic publication
A Tinderella Story (2020)

A typographic publication discussing online dating. The fictional book is written from the point of view of a 20 y/o girl trying online dating for the first time. The intent was to highlight the way dating apps and online dating has changed the nature of dating and relationships. Throughout the book I created tippins which contain articles of information related to the content.
Online Dating Poster series
Modern Dating Glossary, Poster Series (2020)

As an extension of my Tinderella Story book. I designed the glossary into a series of Posters.
International society of type design publication, county lines
ISTD - Out There (2020)

A typographic publication I designed for the ISTD brief on 'migration'. It tackles the social issue that is County Lines Drug Trafficking in the UK and attempts to explore the varying perspectives of the individuals involved.
the value of gps editorial publication
There are no shortcuts (2020)

A publication I designed discussing the value of GPS in the modern world.
don't text and drive bumper stickers
Eyes on the Road (2020)

A set of bumper stickers I designed based on the topic of texting and driving. The point was to dissuade people from using their phones behind the wheel.
risograph print publication
How to make your phone less addictive (2020)

A risograph publication I designed as a guide to making your phone less addictive for my degree project on technological addiction
modern technology posters
Miscellaneous Posters (2020)

During the lockdown, to help keep my creative juices flowing I tried to make a poster every week around the topic of technological addiction.
clothing brand design images
Guiste (2019 - 2020)

I work freelance for a startup streetwear clothing brand called Guiste. I worked with the brand to design the logo and the initial T shirt prints as well as worked as an style advisor for the brand throughout 2019. I still help out with designing clothing mock ups and new designs here and there
Helsinki publication
Helsinki, Finland (2020)

In March 2020 my uni course took a graphic design trip to Helsinki in Finland. I subsequently made this publication using the photos I had taken and the facts I had learned.
80s style tech adverts
Digital Dementia (2020)

For my BA degree on my project studying technological additiction, I hosted a workshop where we attempted to create products to solve some issues related to device over use. I designed some of the ideas into posters.
news headlines editorial
I Read The News Today (2019)

Over the summer I collected together lots of news articles and designed my responses to them.